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Executive & Personal Protection

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Community/Business Patrol Services

Loss Prevention

Traffic Control

Auto Lock-out Services*
Agents provided with body camera
Funeral Escort Services

Traffic Control  for Simon Malls and Professional Traffic Control Services Provided with Police Officers and Experienced Traffic Officers  ,Our Officers Provide Protection for Constuction Crews and Motorist  as well as Equipment ,Our Officers are covered by a  Muliti Million Dollar  Liability Insurance Policy including Workmen's Compensation ,

Loss Prevention

Does your business have a high loss volume?

Do you want those who take your hard earned money to be prosecuted?

Do you want to start making some of that money back you have lost?

Central Indiana Protection Agency Loss Prevention Agents can put a damper on the thieves! Call us today for more information!


Community/Business Patrol Services

Maybe your community/business doesn't have a big budget for security services.

Maybe your community/business would like to find out if there is a need for security.

Central Indiana Protection Agency offers Location Patrols. Patrols are billed per visit and are completely customizable to your needs. This service is a very inexpensive service. Contact us today to find out more information!

Executive & Personal Protection

Have you ever wanted protection while you make bank drops with large amounts of cash?

Have you ever wanted someone to assist you while changing weekly custody of children?

Are you a record producer, agent, or venue owner? Would you like executive protection for your artist, client, or visitor?

Central Indiana Protection Agency offers Executive & Personal Protection. 


 Commercial - Industrial - Residential Security

Do you own a business that may not be located in the best area, or a business in a good area, and want to keep it that way?

Is your residential neighborhood full of problems you don't want to deal with?

Do you want to keep the unwanted individuals out so your residents feel safe?

Call Central Indiana Protection Agency and let us show you how to keep you and your business/residents safe! We will identify your problems and solve them. We keep an accumulative trespass list, to help keep unwanted individuals from returning to your business or community. Since Central Indiana Protection Agency only employ's law enforcement (police) officers, prior law enforcement, and security officers, with prior law enforcement training, our ability to take care of such tasks are simple. We work in conjunction with local and federal law enforcement officials to keep your business or community, and the surrounding area safe.


Central Indiana Protection Agency Community Resource Officers take care of the following issues:

Light Survey - This is conducted one to two times a week, to let you know any lighting issues at your business or community. Since most maintenance personnel and/or community/business personnel do not typically work after dusk, our CRO's will conduct lighting surveys and notify you of any poorly lit areas, any lights out, by out lighting survey log. This will be e-mailed or dropped in your mailbox prior to the end of our shift. Proper lighting deters criminal activity, promotes safety, and reduces civil liability.

Incident Report - These reports are completed when an incident occurs on the property that may require criminal or civil action, proper documentation is essential. In most cases, quick & proper documentation reduces the chances of civil action being filed against you. In instances where a civil suit is filed, proper documentation is essential. We provide detailed incident reports to you by opening time on the next business day.